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Representative Matters

HFL manages a wide array of family law matters, with years of focused and exclusive practice in this ever-changing and charged area of the law. 



Successfully negotiated division of marital estate consisting of complex private and public investments, including venture capital partnership interests, and separate property claims.

Traditional Library


Traced a decade-old separate property claim, and obtained repayment of community funds siphoned out of joint accounts into an undisclosed account in the name of a third party.



Obtained equalization of community interest in multiple business entities and division of assets, as well as a lump-sum buyout of spousal support more than a decade post-separation.

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Business Valuation &

Breach of Fiduciary Duties

Navigated complex valuation of a community business with significant unreported cash income, and obtained sanctions for breaches of fiduciary duty on behalf of client.

Family at a Beach


Resolved custody and visitation matters in a high conflict case by leveraging alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and sanctions to keep the parties out of court in the future.

Dollar Bill in Jar


Achieved substantial upward modification of child support based on stock awards, liquidated assets, and other non-cash compensation, with payment of attorney’s fees and costs to client.

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